The Budget is the financial foundation for a thriving community.  The City of Bondurant follows an annual budget cycle that is driven by legal requirements and deadlines set by the State of Iowa and key internal principals and processes aimed to meet the vision of the community.  The City management staff have established a budget cycle that focuses on achieving, incrementally, and strategically, the established long-term vision through collective decision-making, made possible by valid and reliable communication and civic participation.    

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Contact Information: Jené Nichelle Jess, SHRM-CP, Finance Director 

•    Phone: (515) 630-6981
•    Email: jnjness@ciyofbondurant.com


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Feel free to reach out to the City of Bondurant Mayor or Council with any questions, concepts, or inquiries. Find their contact information here. As always the public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings. Please find meeting minutes and agendas here. 

 Budget Overview