Reference the city council packets for more detailed information about the projects in town. 

Improvements in 2021:

  • Central Park in the conceptual stages >> learn more
  • Construction of the Gay Lea Wilson Highway 65 Underpass will be underway this summer. The City has secured the approval and funding for the project >>learn more
  • Eagle Park is in the planning stages. Construction has not been determined. >> learn more
  • NE Storm Sewer Project – construction began in the Fall of 2020 >> learn more
  • NW Trunk Sewer Project – construction began in 2020 >> learn more
  • The Bondurant Community Library expansion is making great strides! >> learn more
  • 10th Street Extension - in the planning phase >> learn more
  • Grant Street realignment/commuter loop is in the conceptual planning stages >> learn more
  • The city anticipates new housing subdivisions in 2021 >> learn more

Worked on in 2020:

  • Pedestrian crosswalk signals have been installed >> learn more
  • Crosswalk Replacement at the First St SE and Main St SE intersection >> learn more
  • NE corner of 2nd Street SE and Main St SE converted into a public parking lot >> learn more
  • Bondurant City Hall addition and renovation >> learn more
  • Construction for the Highway 65 Underpass will be underway in 2021. The City has secured the approval and funding for the project.
  • Bondurant Business Park is under construction – this includes Generation Next at 94 Paine Circle.
  • Turning lanes along 2nd St near Grant complete >> learn more
  • Bondurant Industrial Park is under construction.
  • Water Tower construction >> learn more
  • Eagle Park is an area cleaned and cleared of invasive plantings.
  • SW District Project - public improvements along 32nd St SW, Shiloh Rose Parkway SW, and Grant St S. complete
  • NE Storm Sewer Project – anticipated Fall 2020 construction to begin.
  • NW Trunk Sewer Project – anticipated 2020 construction to begin
  • The Bondurant Community Library expansion began.
  • The City anticipates several new housing subdivision plats will be received in 2020 >> learn more


If you have questions about these projects, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 967-2418. Thank you.

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