Meeting Room

The Bondurant Community Library offers a public Meeting Room with seating for 75 (seating for 50 at tables) in our library building. To reserve the Meeting Room, the event must be open to the public and serve a noncommercial, non-business purpose, and cannot be booked for more than two months in advance. If you plan to use our overhead projector w/wireless capability please inform staff - there is a remote to check out for use. Click the "Meeting Room Web Form" below to reserve your meeting, or fill out a form at the library. 

** For your life long learning, educational, and recreational enjoyment the library offers various programs which take priority for Meeting Room use. **

Meeting Room Web Form
Use this form to schedule the library's Meeting Room!

Please note Library Cleaning is scheduled for Wednesday and Sunday evenings. You are still able to schedule meetings for those dates, but be aware that cleaning crew may be going in and out of the meeting room for sweeping, mopping, supplies, etc.