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The Bondurant Municipal Cemetery is operated under the provisions of Chapter 5231 of the Code of Iowa and Chapter 115 of the Bondurant Code of Ordinances. The City of Bondurant acts as a trustee for the perpetual maintenance of internment spaces at the Bondurant Municipal Cemetery. 20% of the gross selling price or $50, whichever amount is greater, is used for the perpetual care of the cemetery. 

The sale or transfer of all plots shall be issued a Certificate of Interment Rights Agreement, better known as a Deed. The City does not repurchase interment rights in cemetery plots from those who have previously purchased the rights. Purchaser has the right to sell and convey the interment rights, but any transfer of ownership by will or otherwise will be recognized by the Cemetery only after it is recorded at City Hall and a new Certificate of Interment Rights Agreement is issued to the new owner. 

The surviving spouse of lot owners shall have the first rights of interment, but more details are specified in the Affidavit of Heirship

Bondurant Municipal Cemetery Sections

The Bondurant Municipal Cemetery is broken out by additions. Some additions have different sizes lots - refer to the Cemetery Plot Infographic to the left for a visual.

  1. West Addition - 4 space lots (10'x20')
  2. Old Addition - mixture of 8 space lots (20'x20') and 4 space lots (10'x20')
  3. East Addition - 4 space lots (10'x20')
  4. Southeast Addition - 4 space lots (10'x20')
  5. 1971 Addition - 2 space lots (10'x12')
  6. 2013 Addition - 2 space lots (10'x12')

View the Plot Pricing below, which only applies to 2 space lots (10'x12'). 8 space or 4 space lots are not for sale any longer. 

Interment Regulations

Opening and closing of the plot space are included in the purchase of the interment rights. Arrangements for interment shall be made with City Hall at least two days prior to the internment. The spreading of cremated remains above ground is strictly prohibited. An urn and casket vault is required. It is prohibited to dig in a cemetery or desecrate a gravesite. It is prohibited to remove, damage, or destroy any tree, shrub, or plant in a cemetery.

Monument Regulations

  • Only one item is permitted per cemetery plot. For example, one monument or one bench, or one cement slab with two small monuments is permitted per plot. Monuments shall not exceed the width of the plot. 
  • Decorations are allowed 10 days before and removed two weeks following Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Find the specific dates by accessing Cemetery Policies and Maps to the left.
  • Shepherd hooks should be placed as close to the stone as possible.
  • No trees, shrubs, or flowers shall be planted on any plot. The City reserves the right to remove unauthorized plantings, including the removal of existing plantings on individual plots. The City is under no obligation to replace the planting and is under no obligation to compensate the owner and /or heirs of the plot for the plantings. 
  • Hedges or other plot enclosures are not allowed. No hedges, fences, or enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around plots. 
  • The use of wire, glass or other shatterable materials is strictly forbidden. Glass containers for flowers or wire used for anchoring or for stabilizing decorative materials are extremely dangerous to cemetery workers using modern mowing and other equipment. 
  • The City accepts no responsibility or liability for any item placed at the site that is removed, missing, or stolen. 
  • Traditionally, the Bondurant Municipal Cemetery plot layout includes women to the north and men to the south - flexibility is at the lot owner's discretion. Also, headstones face west, which better defines the women to the left and men to the right. View the Cemetery Monument Placement graphic to the left. 

Plot Pricing

A lot (two plots per lot) is $1,400 if purchased by and for a resident of the City of Bondurant, Iowa, Polk County, and $2,800 if purchased by and for a non-resident of the City of Bondurant, Iowa, Polk County. The purchase of a lot allows for up to two caskets or up to four urns - view the Cemetery Plot Infographic to the left to better understand the depths and placements. 

To view the lots that are available for sale click here, then click the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner and checkmark the box "show available lots." 

Find details about the cemetery policies and maps, plot details, and monument placement details to the left. There are many resources available to you.