Mobile Food Units, Peddlers, Transient Merchants, Push Cart Operators, or Solicitors In Town

See approved vendors at bottom of the page. 

“Peddler” means any person carrying goods or merchandise who sells or offers for sale for immediate delivery such goods or merchandise from house to house or upon the public street.

"Pushcart" means a non-motorized vehicle limited to serving foods which are not potentially hazardous foods or commissary-wrapped food maintained at proper temperatures. A motorized vehicle is not considered a pushcart.

“Solicitor” means any person, firm, corporation, partnership, or association who solicits or attempts to solicit from house to house or upon the public street any contribution or donation or any order for goods, services, subscriptions or merchandise to be delivered at a future date.

“Transient merchant” means any person who engages in a temporary business of selling and delivering goods, foods which are not potentially hazardous foods, wares or merchandise within the City, who in furtherance of such purpose leases, uses or occupies any vehicle, trailer, tent, railroad car, or other place in the City for the exhibition and retail sale of such goods, wares or merchandise. "Transient merchant" does not include the temporary sale of goods, foods which are not potentially hazardous foods, wares, or merchandise, by a permanent merchant or private property adjacent to the merchant's permanent place of business.

"Vendor" includes peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants.


LICENSE REQUIRED. Any person engaging in or acting as a peddler, solicitor, pushcart operator, vendor, or in the business of a transient merchant in the City without first obtaining a license as herein provided is in violation of this chapter. Each pushcart shall be separately licensed and may operate only at the location specified in the license as approved by the Council or a duly authorized representative of the City.


“Mobile vendor” means a person engaged in the business of selling food or beverages from a mobile vendor vehicle.

LICENSE REQUIRED (1) Every mobile vendor shall, before offering for sale any food or beverages in the city, obtain a license for their sale from the city administrator or designee as provided in this article. (2) A mobile vendor license authorizes the operation of a mobile vendor vehicle upon the public streets, subject to any geographical restrictions set out in said license and furthermore subject to the regulations set forth in this article. (3) A separate mobile vendor license shall be required for each mobile vending vehicle.

Reference Chapter 125 MOBILE FOOD VENDOR


  • Jeff E Pop offers kettle corn, gourmet popcorn, and lemonade shakeups - permitted 4/2021-10/2021
  • Sabores De Mexico offers authentic American food - permitted 4/2021-10/2021
  • D' Ice Cream Man offers ice-cold treats streetside - permitted 4/2021-10/2021 
  • B&K Burgers and BBQ offers brisket, burgers and sides - permitted 5/2021-11/2021


  • Flame the Food Truck offers made to order food - permitted 5/2021-11/2020
  • Top Bun Food Truck offers burgers, fries and soda - permitted 5/4/2021 only
  • D' Ice Cream Man offers ice-cold treats streetside - permitted 4/2020-10/2020
  • Edward Jones associate Christopher Schon - permitted 2/2020-2/2021


  • Jeff E Pop - permitted 7/2019-12/2019
  • Southwest Advantage Educational Books associate Raili Paju - permitted 6/6/2019 only
  • Just Chillin' - permitted 5/2019-11/2019
  • Walking Pasta Food Bus - permitted 5/2019-11/2019
  • D' Ice Cream Man - permitted 5/2019-11/2019
  • Sweet Swirls - permitted 5/2019-5/2020


  • Southwestern Advantage Educational Books associate Mirjam Sarnit - permitted 7/2018-1/2018
  • Tropical Sno - Rental Space - 6/2018-8/2018
  • 1884 Coffee Company - permitted 6/2018-11/2018
  • D' Ice Cream Man - permitted 5/2018-11/2018
  • Just Chillin' - permitted 5/2018-11/2018
  • All American Turf Beauty associate Gabriel Renken - permitted 7/2017-1/2018