SW District Project

Public Improvements along 32nd St SW, Shiloh Rose Parkway SW, and Grant St S


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Road Improvement 

Public improvements are laid out in the diagram below and include: widening 32nd Street between Hubbell Avenue (Hwy 65) and Grant Street, adding a trail, and creating a signalized intersection at Poplar and 32nd Street; widening Grant Street for approximately 1,000 feet north of 32nd Street; adding a signalized intersection at 32nd and Grant Street; creating a signalized intersection in the 2200 block of Hubbell Avenue, and creating a public street west of Hubbell from the newly-created intersection that will be known as Shiloh Rose Parkway SW. The work includes utility work.

These infrastructure improvements were in the list of needed improvements that were prioritized by the City Council during the Spring of 2019. In the overall capital project planning, the vision was to complete these projects as separate projects in a phased approach period however with recent development plans for the adjacent certified site, it enables the city to advance the timeline for all of these projects and do them all at once as a comprehensive, large project.  

32nd St SW will be widened to include:

  • three lanes with a turning lane 
  • urban cross-section curb to gutter road/storm sewer drains
  • appropriate lane markings
  • along with new street signals at (1) Poplar Dr SW and 32nd St SW intersection, (2) between Poplar Dr SW and Grant St S/72nd Ave and  (3) at Grant St S and 32nd St SW intersection.

A public pedestrian 10' trail will be installed south of 32nd St SW, along with a pedestrian crosswalk between Grant St S/72nd Ave and Poplar Dr SW turning south along the west side of Grant St S with future plans to connect to the Gay Lea Wilson Trail. 

The traffic signal at the 32nd St SW and Hubbell Avenue (Hwy 65) intersection will be upgraded to allow more turning lanes.

Grant St S will be widened to three lanes for future planning to reroute Grant St S to Hubbell Avenue (Hwy 65) to enhance the safety of the intersection at that location.

A traffic signal will be installed with a new road, Shiloh Rose Pkwy SW, and Hubbell Avenue (Hwy 65).

Stoplight Placement Map:

Traffic Light Map

Road Development Map:

Road Construction Map

The roadway under construction are highlighted in red (current project)and future road construction highlighted in purple (not yet planned)

Treescape Plans:


There are 73 trees that will be planted along 32nd St SW replacing the trees that were demolished to widen the trail. Plans call for a variety of Common Hackberry, Sweetgum, Swamp White Oak, and Northern Red Oak.

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City of Bondurant Comprehensive Plan - adopted May 2012