Street Trees

City Council reviewed and enhanced Chapter 151 Trees to include more direction about trees in Bondurant. The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the placement and maintenance of trees and to regulate planting restrictions in public ways.

Planting and removing street trees will require a permit. There is no fee associated with this required permit. The community’s safety is taken into consideration before Street Trees are planted or removed. Trees will have to be four (4) feet from the curb or curb line and no closer than four (4) feet to the sidewalk. Whenever possible trees shall be centered between the curb or curb line and the sidewalk or property line. Overhead utility lines will need to be taken into consideration. Should not plant too close to neighboring lots – always best to have a conversation with the neighbor. There are always specific regulations for corner lots, which will be taken into consideration when reviewing the permit application. Also found in Chapter 151 are the Street Tree species that are allowed. 

Access the Urban Street Trees: 22 Benefits Specific Applications published by Dan Burden, Senior Urban Designer in Summer, 2006. 

As always, tree maintenance is a must, but the benefits of a healthy tree covering in our community outweigh the work that we have to put into it. Remember that trees bring more than a nice visual, but pay us back through environmental, economic, and health benefits plus so much more.