Bondurant Public Works Announces Opening of Gay Lea Wilson Underpass Sidewalk Connection

Gay Lea Wilson Trail Update

[BONDURANT, IA — August 22, 2023] The Bondurant Public Works Department is pleased to announce the opening of the Gay Lea Wilson Underpass sidewalk connection along 15th Street to the trail, effective this afternoon. The removal of barricades marks a significant step forward in enhancing connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors in the community.

The Gay Lea Wilson Underpass has long been a vital link in Bondurant's pedestrian infrastructure, providing a safe and convenient passage for individuals to access the trail system. The dedicated efforts of the Public Works staff have culminated in the successful completion of the initial phase of this project, allowing pedestrians to once again enjoy the underpass's benefits.

"While there is still work to be done in terms of lighting and landscaping, we are thrilled to announce that the underpass is open for use," stated John Horton, Public Works Director of the Bondurant Public Works Department. "The removal of barricades represents the commitment of our team to enhance the quality of life for Bondurant residents and visitors."

As part of the ongoing improvements, the Public Works Department plans to collaborate with contractors to address the lighting issues that remain. The lighting installation is scheduled to be completed in the near future, once Mid-American has set up the electric meter necessary to operate the lighting system effectively.

In the coming months, Bondurant Public Works also intends to undertake additional maintenance work to enhance the underpass's aesthetics and functionality. Plans include regrading and reseeding portions of the surrounding area to ensure the underpass continues to provide a welcoming and visually appealing route for pedestrians.

The Bondurant Public Works Department appreciates the patience and understanding of the community throughout the duration of this project. The reopening of the Gay Lea Wilson Underpass sidewalk connection is a testament to the collaboration between local authorities, contractors, and utility providers, working together to improve the infrastructure that benefits all residents.

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About Bondurant Public Works Department: The Bondurant Public Works Department is dedicated to enhancing the safety, convenience, and aesthetics of the city's infrastructure. Through collaborative efforts and innovative projects, the department strives to provide Bondurant residents with improved quality of life and enhanced connectivity.


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