High Consumption

If there is a significant increase in your water consumption, listed below are some of the reasons that high consumption will occur (some of which are seasonal).  If none of the following applies to your situation, or you aren’t certain of the cause, it is advised that you call a plumber.

  • Watering new sod
  • Watering established lawn, garden or flowers
  • Exterior faucet not completely turned off (water leaking from the hose)
  • Filled a swimming pool
  • Children playing in a sprinkler or water toys (Slip & Slide)
  • Faulty toilet (flapper valve not seating properly or fill water is higher than the overflow tube in the toilet tank)
  • Dripping interior faucet
  • Water softener cycles and stays on during the backwash cycle
  • Extra people in your home
  • A water leak within the interior plumbing

Please know that a malfunctioning meter does not increase your consumption.  The meter slows down and eventually stops.  You will hear a “ticking” sound.

The City bills thirty or more days in arrears, so the consumption period of concern is for any usage metered in the past.