Snow Ordinance

What is a Snow Ordinance?

No person shall park any vehicle or permit the same to remain standing upon any public street in the City during any one of the following times or periods:

The City of Bondurant Snow Ordinance shall take effect following a declaration of same by the City Administrator or Street Superintendent.  Vehicles must be removed from any City street within one hour of the declaration and remain off the streets for the following twenty-four (24) hours after the snowfall ends.  Vehicles not removed within an hour of the declaration, will be ticketed for violating the City’s Snow Ordinance. After being ticketed, vehicles not removed from the City street within twelve hours after the declaration, may be towed, with expenses for towing payable by the vehicle owner.

I am unable to shovel my own sidewalks, and do not have someone in my home capable of assisting me with snow removal. What should I do?

The City of Bondurant offers a Snow Removal Service to residents who are not capable of removing snow from public sidewalks. You must sign up for this service every year in order to receive assistance, as a resident's living situation may change over time. Please stop into City Hall to apply.

When do I need to remove snow from my sidewalks? Where can I shovel my snow?

To help ensure that sidewalks are safe during the winter, City Ordinance requires residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours following the end of the snowfall. Property owners who do not comply are subject to a municipal citation.

A helpful hint for residents – clear your sidewalk after the snowplows have finished plowing to the curb. When you remove snow from your sidewalk, please remember that City Ordinance prohibits placing that snow in the street. The unnatural deposit of snow from driveways and parking lots onto the City right-of-way is also prohibited.

Equipment operators often work 12 or more hours in a shift and appreciate courteous and friendly drivers and pedestrians. Please remember to maintain a safe following distance of 75 feet from all snow removal equipment.