Animal Control

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The City of Bondurant’s limited personnel does not allow us to respond to animal control calls within our community on a 24/7 basis.  Therefore, the City contracts with Polk County Animal Control professionals to respond to all animal control calls in Bondurant.  Unfortunately, there is a cost to this service.

Polk County bills the City over $92 for every trip to Bondurant for barking dogs, animal welfare checks, stray or dead animals, etc.  A lot of the calls cause the City to receive an invoice for stray or dead animals, which the City is charged the trip charge and a disposal fee of $125, adding up to more than $200 for one animal call.

When the City is able to identify an owner of an animal that resulted in a call to Polk County Animal Control, the owner is charged for the trip charge.  Sometimes pets get loose and Polk County Animal Control will take the animal to Animal Rescue League.  If that is the case, the owners will need to pay a charge to ARL to get their pet back.  

Additionally, if you call Polk County Animal Control to set a trap and collect animals from your property, you will incur a charge for this service. This is not a service that is free to the City and the City bills the property owner the charges received from Polk County. (There are no additional charges billed – just a pass-through charge from Polk County.)

If you are unsure as to whether or not you could be billed, please feel free to call and we are happy to answer those questions for you.

Thank you!