Golf Carts Allowed to Operate on Certain City Streets with Permit in Bondurant

Golf Cart

BONDURANT, Iowa – The Bondurant City Council passed an ordinance on May 2 permitting golf carts on most city streets within Bondurant with a few limitations. Specific details can be found in Chapter 82 of the Bondurant City Code. Golf carts may travel the city streets of Bondurant between sunrise and sunset. All golf cart operators will first need to obtain a Golf Cart Permit from City Hall each calendar year. The Golf Cart Permit fee is $35. Access the Golf Cart Street Map, which shows certain roadways on which or across which golf cart travel is prohibited.

Golf carts are expected to abide by universal traffic laws in addition to the following: driving or operating allowed on city streets only, not sidewalks, trails, or grass; travel along the right-hand edge of the right-most street lane (unless making a left-hand turn); golf cart operators should be the first to offer courtesy and prevent traffic congestion by pulling over to the right-hand edge of the street, stopping, and allowing motor vehicles to pass; golf carts should travel in single-file lines only; and golf carts must yield to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other micro-mobility devices. Find the full list of operation parameters in Chapter 82 of the Bondurant City Code.

Golf Cart Ordinance – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I start driving my golf cart in Bondurant? Effective May 20, 2022, the operation of golf carts, in compliance with the provisions in Chapter 82 of the Bondurant City Code, is permitted on public roadways in Bondurant, Iowa.
  2. What do I have to do to make my golf cart legal to drive in Bondurant? First, the golf cart must be equipped with the following: a slow-moving vehicle sign, a bicycle safety flag (shall be visible above the top of the golf cart), adequate brakes, brake lights, and a rear-view mirror (on the driver’s side). Next, review the limitations in Chapter 82 of the Bondurant City Code. Finally, obtain a Golf Cart Permit from City Hall.
  3. Can I drive my golf cart to another town? No. This ordinance only allows you to operate a golf cart within Bondurant City Limits, within certain parameters.
  4. Can my 14-year-old drive my golf cart? No. Only licensed drivers can operate a golf cart in the State of Iowa.
  5. Does this allow me to drive my ATV, UTV, or dirt bike? No. ATVs, UTVs (sometimes known as side-by-sides), and dirt bikes are not allowed to operate within Bondurant roadways.
  6. Can I tow my grandson on his skateboard behind my golf cart? No. Golf carts may not tow anything; not a trailer, or another cart, or a skateboarder, or a bicyclist.
  7. Can I transport my six grandkids on my four-seater golf cart? No. The operator of a golf cart must limit occupancy of the golf cart to the number of seats for which the vehicle is registered, and occupants must be in approved seats. Therefore, there can be no lap sitting, no passengers standing while in motion, etc.
  8. Can I park my golf cart on the sidewalk like I park my bike? No. Golf carts are more like your family car than a bike. They must follow all the same parking rules as your car, meaning they are required to be parked in standard automobile parking spaces.
  9. Who has the right-of-way when I’m driving my golf cart? Golf carts must yield the right-of-way to traditional motor vehicles on Bondurant roadways.
  10. I have been using my golf cart for years. What happens if I don’t get a permit for my golf cart now? A person who violates the provisions of Chapter 82 in the Bondurant City Code can be punished for a municipal nuisance violation with a fine of not less than $50.00 but possibly up to $750.00.
  11. I don’t really like the color of the Bondurant Golf Cart Permit sticker; do I have to display it on my golf cart? Yes. In order to operate your golf cart legally in Bondurant, you must have AND display the permit sticker on the rear of the golf cart.
  12. Can I get a DWI, open container or a parking ticket while operating my golf cart? Yes. All traditional state/local traffic laws apply to golf carts, including open container and consumption regulations. Additionally, you must park in a legal parking spot. Also, there can be no reckless driving or dangerous behavior while driving a golf cart.
  13. Does my golf cart need to be insured? Yes. The owner of the golf cart (and driver) must have liability insurance covering the golf cart in the same limits required by Chapter 321 of the Code of Iowa.
  14. Do I need to carry my registration in my golf cart? No. Golf carts are not required to be registered and licensed. Your City of Bondurant-issued permit must be on your golf cart at all times and you should carry proof of insurance.

Golf Cart Street Map