Yard Waste Collection

Regular Season: April 5 – November 27, 2021
bags and cart

Metro Waste Authority turns your lawn and garden debris into Grow Gold compost, a natural soil conditioner, that you can purchase on-site!

Collection Options

Yard waste is accepted at Metro Park East Landfill year-round. If it’s brought in Compost It! bags, or with appropriate stickers, it is free of charge year-round. Otherwise, there is a disposal fee.

Residents have options for disposal through the Compost It! program. Through the Compost It! program, residents can conveniently dispose of yard and garden waste at the curb. 

Bags & Stickers 

Compost It! branded bags or stickers are required for curbside collection of yard waste. 


Purchase bags and stickers:

Cart Service 

If you are setting out several Compost It! bags each week, you might find a Compost It! cart to be a better option. The 96-gallon cart can hold equivalent to three yard waste bags. Don’t worry, if you ever have more than your cart will hold, the bag and sticker program can also be used.


First-time Enrollment & Renewal

New customers pay a one-time fee for the cart, plus an annual service fee of $105. Sign-up and subscribe here.

Annual Renewal

The annual fee for cart service is $105, which covers the cost of collection throughout yard waste season. Renew your subscription by clicking here. Once you renew your cart service, an updated Compost It! cart sticker will be provided for your cart lid, indicating the service is current. 


For specific details from the hauler follow this link https://www.mwatoday.com/waste-recycling/yard-waste/