Reduce Stormwater Runoff With a Rain Barrel

An 8' x 10' area of roof can generate 50 gallons of water during a 1-inch rain event.
Rain Barrel
Rain barrels are a simple and cost-effective way to recycle stormwater generated from your house and put it to good use. By reducing stormwater runoff from your house, you help to reduce local water pollution and erosion issues and help to make our community more sustainable!
How you can use collected rainwater:
  • Water plants, gardens, and lawns
  • Rinse out recyclables before placing them in the recycle bin
  • Wash exterior fixtures like windows, mailboxes, & dog houses

Where to use rain barrels:

Connect rain barrels to downspouts on your house, garage, or shed. Rain barrels typically capture 50 to 60 gallons but can come in all different sizes and designs. Rain barrels can be a good tool to help slow down water causing problems near your downspouts, and overflow can be directed to a rain garden! 

How to calculate rainwater collection potential:

Harvested water (gallons) = Rooftop Surface Area (square feet) x Average Rain Fall Event (inches) x 0.623

Find more details about Stormwater Runoff and Best Management Practices along with detailed instructions on how to build your own Rain Barrel: