Bondurant Selected as the Community of Character!

Character Counts

BONDURANT, Iowa – The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center annually recognizes Iowa individuals, organizations, and communities who show the Six Pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS®: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. Bondurant is thrilled to be selected as the 2022 Community of Character. 

When it comes to the Six Pillars of Character, Bondurant displays them frequently. Below are stories included in the nomination to illustrate how Bondurant embraces those pillars.

Trustworthiness: During the global health pandemic, community members know they can trust the City and School District to deliver services no matter what. Bondurant Emergency Services provided medical care for those in need. The Bondurant-Farrar Community School District and the Bondurant Community Library collaborated to identify students needing internet access. Therefore, the City wrote a grant to secure additional hotspots so that students could continue their education remotely (which we then distributed through the Library in consultation with the District). The Bondurant Community Library developed drive-through pickup and began Facebook story time to prevent interruption of services during the pandemic. The Library also continued and expanded delivery services, distributing items in a no-contact manner to people's doorsteps for those who could not venture out. The City pivoted to online business, providing residents with an electronic and no-contact way of accessing city services. Community members knew they could trust that they would meet their needs.

Respect: The Bondurant-Farrar Community School District does a fantastic job of modeling and teaching respect to our future generations, which naturally spreads throughout our community. The City, the School, and local businesses respect our residents through our cooperative and collaborative working relationship. We embark on joint projects to reduce community members' burdens and support a common goal. 

Responsibility: Bondurant was hit by an F2 tornado in 2018 that charted a swath through the entire width of the town. In the wake of the tornado, our residents came together so quickly to help their neighbors and their community that by the time representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency arrived, it was difficult to assess the damage because it had been cleaned up so well. Residents took on the responsibility of cleaning their own properties and helping around town in the city parks that had been damaged. There was so much help that within 12 hours of the event, brush and debris had been cut, piled, and prepared for hauler pickup. The Bondurant Chamber of Commerce raised funds for victim's relief. Individual Chamber members also offered individual assistance to those affected.

Fairness: The School District, the City, and the Library have DEI committees. These efforts were born from the community's desire to ensure that all community members are welcomed and treated fairly.

Caring: There are so many examples of this it is hard to know where to begin. The operators of the local gym recently coordinated volunteers assisting older residents who were having difficulty taking care of their yards. Another example is the snow removal program for low-income disabled residents that the City Council approved. Under the program, Public Works will help people with snow removal; however, the vast majority of the time, when Public Works arrives at the property, a neighbor has already cleared the sidewalk for them.

Citizenship: The Bondurant Community Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, the Men's Club, the American Legion, the Lion's Club - all of these organizations in Bondurant are incredibly active and contribute significantly to the quality of life and our hometown feel. The Foundation spearheaded the effort to designate Bondurant as one of Iowa's Great Places. They also work to incorporate art throughout Bondurant and have started a historical society. The Bondurant Chamber Members have a laser focus on engaging in activities that support Bondurant's community members and host events to bring neighbors together throughout the year. The Men's Club hosts Summerfest each year and contributes to many projects throughout the City all year long. The American Legion brings people together each month with their community breakfast.

There are so many active organizations in Bondurant that do great work making Bondurant an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. It is an honor that the Bondurant is being selected as the 2022 Community of Character.  Thank you to all of the community organizations that make this a Community and specifically, a Community of Character!