Adoption and Implementation of the Bondurant Regional Master Plan

Commuter Loop

In May 2020, the City of Bondurant formally adopted the Regional Master Plan, finalizing an effort that involved significant public input and several months of planning. (This project was awarded American Planning Association – Iowa Chapter Economic Development Planning Award for 2020.) The Regional Master Plan (RMP) covers an area north of I-80 and east of Grant Street S and includes suggested transportation corridors, land uses, zoning regulations, architecture, and site planning elements.

The next step in implementing the RMP was taken as part of the SW District Infrastructure Improvement Projects that were accepted by the City Council on March 29, 2020. The project included the first phase of the overall “Commuter Loop” project, a project that realigns Grant Street S between Highway 65 and 32nd Street and a piece of infrastructure critical to regional transportation enhancement in support of the massive job growth Bondurant has experienced recently. The $8.5 million Commuter Loop project will serve as a regional corridor between Altoona and Bondurant, providing easy access to State Highway 65 and expanding access points to the Amazon distribution facility located off 32nd Street SW, which currently employs 1,600 people. The Commuter Loop will also enhance traffic safety as it redesigns a problematic intersection at Grant Street S./Highway 65. Further, it will help decongest or prevent congestion of traffic in the area brought on by recent economic development, and establish infrastructure critical to future economic development.

Additionally, the RMP envisions a large, regional park. The City recently took additional steps to implement the Plan in acquiring land for “Central Park,” a vision that uses a large retention facility designed to help control stormwater and improve water quality as an additional community amenity and will also include trails, running route, equipment, and an amphitheater. The retention facility is being created to enhance water quality and will remove phosphorous and nitrates from the water, as well as help mitigate stormwater control issues in the Mud Creek basin.

The Commuter Loop project provides access to “Central Park”. Central Park is anticipated to have amenities that create a regional draw.

Finally, the Commuter Loop project connects the trail between Bondurant and Altoona that is a missing link of the regional trail system.

Commuter Loop