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Citizen Surveys

Recently, the City of Bondurant partnered with the University of Iowa’s Institute of Public Affairs and conducted a Citizen Survey. The survey asks residents to indicate their level of satisfaction with city services, ranging from fire services to community growth. The survey was mailed to 780 random households in Bondurant. In total, 237 completed surveys were received, which yielded a response rate of 30.4%. The survey was designed to yield a traditional level of confidence level of 9%, with a margin of error of + or - 5%.

The survey indicated that 97.5% rated Bondurant as a nice place to live. The vast majority (68%) of residents believe the overall quality of city services received are “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”

The three highest rated services were Library (78.5%), Fire (75.5%), and Water (75.4%). The three lowest rated services were Street Repair (29.5%), Snow Removal (28.2%), and Economic Development (27.5%).

Click on the link below to view the results:

2016 Bondurant Citizen Survey

January 25, 2019

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