Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex Expansion

The City Council purchased a piece of property that is adjacent to (on the west side of) the Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex and north of Lake Petocka. The land was identified in the city’s comprehensive plan and in the Park, Trail and Greenway Master Plan as additional recreational land.

Over the past few months, City staff met with representatives from the Little League, the Soccer Club, and the School District to discuss how to layout the approximate 24 acres in a way that maximizes recreational space and addresses some of the growing demand for sports fields. Following is the layout for the Sports Complex that was adopted by Council at the September 5th Council meeting. The soccer fields will be the fields first in use as the City currently has the resources for grading and seeding, but not full ball field development.

The City is very excited to be able to expand recreational opportunities by purchasing this land. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact City Hall at 515.967.2418.