Mosquito Spraying Information



The City of Bondurant will be spraying for mosquitoes during the months of June through October on an as-needed basis. The chemicals that are used in mosquito spraying are effective when contact is made directly with the mosquito, therefore it is important that spraying begins when mosquitoes have been a nuisance.

Mosquito spraying will take place during a four (4) hour period of time from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Spraying can only occur when wind and weather conditions permit.

Throughout the year the City will also be applying weed control and fertilizer to the City parks, properties, and right-of-ways. Both City staff and a private contractor will perform these applications.

Residents may receive prior notification when mosquito and weed control/fertilizer is applied. Upon request, the City and/or the contractor will notify the resident at least one day before the schedule application. To request notification, please contact the Bondurant City Center at 967-2418.

Mosquito Safety Data Sheet