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Request for Qualifications

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Thursday, January 4, 2018


City of Bondurant Regional Commercial Master Plan

January 2018

The City of Bondurant intends to retain professional planning and design services for the City of Bondurant Regional Commercial Plan.  The Regional Commercial Plan will guide land use development and public investment decisions as a supplemental document to the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.  The intent is to create a master plan that specifies design standards, infrastructure improvements and sustainable growth practices in an effort to streamline the City’s development process.  Interested and qualified firms are invited to submit Statement of Qualifications for this project based on the tentative scope of work and information identified below.

Project Background   

In the City’s Comprehensive Plan, identifies a Regional Commercial District in the future land use along the I-80 corridor at the eastern Bondurant interchange. In December of this year, the City of Bondurant City Council identified master planning of this area as a priority.  The proposed area has the potential to open development sites for the City of Bondurant.  New tax base, expanded commercial opportunities, and additional commercial/office are highlights of the expanded Regional Commercial area.

Maximizing development potential while retaining a connection to the current built environment is paramount.   Connecting the vision to the aesthetics of our Downtown Commercial to give both areas a common look and feel is important to the Regional Commercial plan’s basis for design guidelines.

Bondurant has traditionally utilized restrictive zoning ordinances to manage growth and control pressure from outside development.   The development approach will be a proactive creation of sub area development criteria in an effort to reach development consensus prior to demand.

Project Description 

The City of Bondurant adopted the 2012 comprehensive plan and outlined a number of goals related to Regional Commercial area of the City.  These action items include:

  • The Regional commercial areas is for the development of larger footprint retail/entertainment users. Sites usually range from 15 acres for an individual store to 40 acres for a complex. Approximately, 200,000 – 500,000 square feet of floor space is typically found in regional commercial nodes. These uses draw customers from a larger region (10 to 15 miles) and rely on an adjacent critical mass of other similar retail uses. They require an advanced level of transportation infrastructure with proximity to high traffic and high visibility roadways. For Bondurant, the corridor is I-80.
  • The Regional Commercial plan should be designed to complement the built environment in the community.  Design standards should be introduced to maintain the intrigue that draws visitors from across the country to our community.

Project Location

Following is a map showing the area designated as “Regional Commercial” in the City of Bondurant Comprehensive Plan. (The full map can be found on the City’s website at www.cityofbondurant.com.)

Guiding Principles

In its comprehensive, the City of Bondurant adopted the following guiding principles and the Regional Commercial area plan should be development with these principles in mind. They include:

  • Preserve our small town feel;
  • Recognize the role we play in the region;
  • Establish and maintain a vibrant downtown;
  • Grow thoughtfully in a planned manner;
  • Develop healthy housing mixes;
  • Encourage business growth in appropriate locations;
  • Encourage retail that meets the needs of the city;
  • Treat natural elements as amenities, not hazards;
  • Create abundant, connected parks;
  • Encourage active, healthy living choices;
  • Promote safe and efficient transportation;
  • Utilize appropriate, affordable infrastructure options;
  • Support out great schools; and
  • Have an involved and responsive local government.

Project Scope     

The City of Bondurant is soliciting requests for qualifications to determine interest and capabilities in performing the prescribed work.  For budgeting purposes, the city requests a letter outlining expected fees and schedule of work to be submitted in a sealed envelope.   All billable hours including client meetings and site visits should be included in a not to exceed fee for the project.  Incidental items such as travel, accommodations, and meal costs for out of town consultants are to be covered by the proposed basic fee.

  • Public Involvement and Participation

The project will require a high degree of public involvement and participation in the planning process.  This public involvement will likely include a series of public discussions and informational meetings.  A project Steering Committee, which will be composed of representatives from the community, local government and other officials, will be created to provide guidance and input to the consultant.  The consultant should expect extensive interaction with the Steering Committee and Planning Commission.

  • Developing the Regional Commercial’s Vision and Identity (SWOT Analysis)

Using existing plans, policies or other pertinent data, the consultant must coordinate and synthesize community input to outline a broad and consensus “vision” for the Regional Commercial area.  The consultant will work with the Steering Committee, Planning Commission and other government officials to “connect” the Regional Commercial area to the current community.

  • Smart Growth and Sustainable Policies

The design guidelines for the Regional Commercial area should incorporate sustainable practices.

  • Transportation

A specific transportation plan must be determined by location, type and character of the existing roadway and planned roadway network.A Regional Commercial area plan should be detailed and incorporated in to the Comprehensive plan.Connectivity to the built community will be a priority.

  • Land Use and Natural Resources

The Land Use Plan must have a strong community and design focus.  The plan must focus on the use, location, density, scale and appearance of future development in the community.  The consultant is encouraged to propose a process of creative and interactive methods of soliciting citizen and developer input into realistic alternatives for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City council to consider.  The plan should also incorporate data, policies and action steps for securing our natural resources and protecting the benefits and future uses of these areas.

  • Zoning

Intended to work as an overlay district, the Regional Commercial plan should incorporate design guidelines and zoning requirements for the areas in question.  Design guidelines should incorporate visual representations of proposed uses in an effort to reduce confusion of the proposed uses.

  • Public Works and Services

The Comprehensive Community Plan must evaluate existing public facilities and infrastructure including water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer and provide the ideal steps for future development.

  • Parks and Recreation

The Plan must provide and evaluate the need for additional park and trail amenities.  The Regional Commercial plan should become a natural extension of the Bondurant Parks and Recreation Plan.

  • Housing

The plan will be mindful of the City’s housing stock and could potentially incorporate compatible housing options.

  • Implementation

The final product will be a fully operational master plan that will serve as the “blueprint” for all development in the Regional Commercial area of the City.

Consultant General Expectancies and Responsibilities

The selected consultant will work under the direction of the City Administrator and will be responsible for the consultation with the major stakeholder organizations, citizen boards and the public as well as the following items:

  • General Management of the Project
  • Drafting and Preparation of plan documents, graphics, mapping and other support services;
  • Data Collection, analysis and presentation (with support from City Staff);
  • Organization and facilitation of public meetings (with support from City Staff);
  • Budgeting Project funds;
  • Regular presentations to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks and Recreation, City Council, and Steering Committee.

All documents and final reports shall be presented in digital format for archiving and reproductions.  Maps shall be provided in a GIS format.

Anticipated Project Schedule

Proposals Due   

4:00 p.m. on February 8, 2018

Announce Short List of Firms

February 20, 2018


Week of February 26

Firm Selected/contract approved

March 5, 2018

Rough Draft Completion

June 4, 2018

Final Completion – Presented for Council Adoption

June 18, 2018


Selection Process

The selection team will recommend a professional design firm to the Bondurant City Council.  Based on the City’s evaluation of all Statement of Qualifications submitted, a select number will be invited to interview.  The final selection and recommendation of the Firm of Record to the City Council will be based on the interviews and qualifications.  All firms submitting a Statement of Qualifications shall be notified of the firms selected for interviews.

The selected firm will be put under contract using standard contract documents, subject to review by the City Attorney.

Statement of Qualifications

The RFQ does not obligate the City of Bondurant a contract to any firm, nor pay any cost incurred in the preparation of proposals submitted in response to this request.  The City of Bondurant reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received because of this request.  All information and material submitted in this request will become the property of the City of Bondurant.  Firms interested in providing services for this project shall include (as a minimum) the following in their Statement of Qualifications:

  1. Official name and principal officers of your firm;
  2. Location of your firm with telephone, email addresses and fax numbers;
  3. List the names of the project manager, project team and other key personnel who would be assigned to this project;
  4. List all services in addition to those listed that you believe would be required for each respective project;
  5. Elaborate on your firm’s expertise in each area of service to be provided;
  6. Description of any special procedures or unique processes used by your company for work of this nature;
  7. Listing of similar contracts your company has had with other cities or state agencies with names of representatives whom the City may contact relative to qualifications of your firm to perform this type of work;
  8. Furnish a narrative stating why the City of Bondurant should consider your firm the best qualified for the performance of this work;
  9. Cost breakdown of all tasks in order to complete the preparation of the Regional Commercial Plan; and
  10. Project timetable for initiating and completing work.

It is expected that the design team that will be utilized for the City of Bondurant Regional Commercial Plan will be present during the interview process.

Documents shall be organized in the order presented above. Firms interested in providing services for the project shall submit the requested materials via seven (7) hard copies with tabs and one (1) single PDF file by no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 8, 2018 to:

Marketa Oliver                                                  

City Administrator                                           

200 2nd Street NE, POB 37

Bondurant, Iowa  50035                                 

Email:  moliver@cityofbondurant.com       

                Phone:  515.967.2418


Electronic file may be submitted via flash drive or CD and shall be labeled Bondurant Regional Commercial Plan – Statement of Qualifications – firm name”.  Statement of Qualifications shall be a maximum of forty (40) pages double-sided (equivalent of 80 pages single-sided) excluding the title page and cover letter.  Tabs will not be counted towards the maximum page number as long as they are simply dividers and contain no content beyond title.  Failure to comply with the criteria set forth, will likely result in rejection of submittal and consideration of the submitting firm. The City reserves the right to request additional information/clarification from firms who submit.

All questions shall be directed to the Project Manager noted above. Alternate contact is:

All costs associated with the development and submittal of the Statement of Qualifications and interview presentation will be the responsibility of the design professional.