Utility Permit

Please click here for a Utility Permit Application Form for all utility installations including telecommunications, cable TV, telephone, electric, natural gas, water, sewer, drainage tile, or any other utility. The applicant agrees to comply with the attached Utility Permit Requirements. Compliance shall be determined by the sole discretion of the City, as deemed necessary to promote public health, safety, and the general welfare. These requirements shall apply unless waived in writing by the City prior to installation. Please note, a permit application must be filed at least five business days before work begins.

Please refer to Bondurant Municipal Code: Chapter 135.14 UTILITY PERMIT for complete information regarding Utility Permits.

Basic Costs Associated with a Utility Permit Application:

Permit Fee: The permit fee will be $50.

Minimum $2,000 bond: The contractor or applicant shall have on file with the City a surety bond or cash bond for restoration of areas within the R.O.W. and on utility easements. The bond shall be a minimum of $2000 and may be of greater value depending on the scope of the project. A cash bond shall be held for 90 days after date of completion.