Utilities in Your Name

Emergency AFTER HOURS phone number: 515-971-6856

Water Utility Billing Questions: 515-630-6988

Utility Application for New Services

New Residents & Deposit

New residents moving into the City of Bondurant must inform City Hall at least one week prior to your moving date. At the time of starting service a utility application, a $150.00 check/cash deposit will be required, plus a copy of a photo ID. The deposit is held on file until you sell your property or move out; then the deposit on file will be applied to your final water bill.

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Disposal

The City of Bondurant contracts with Ankeny Sanitation for solid waste pickup. The pickup is 7 a.m. Wednesdays. Bondurant participates in the recycling program and collection is every other week on Wednesdays by Waste Management. Garbage and recycling billing is included on the monthly utility bill. Contact City Hall for your recycling schedule. The City of Bondurant also participates in the Compost It! program for yard waste disposal with Waste Management. Yard waste is collected from the curb weekly during Compost It! season, on garbage collection day. Here are three options to use the Bags and Stickers:

  1. Purchase Compost it! Bags. Cost $8 plus tax for a bundle of five bags. No sticker required.
  2. Purchase Compost It! Sticker plus store-brand bag. Green Compost It! Sticker costs $1.25 plus the cost of the store-brand bag. Sticker to each bag to cover the cost of collection.
  3. Roll yard waste to the curb. A Compost It! cart is on wheels, just like the Curb It! recycling cart. The 96-gallon cart holds the equivalent of three-yard waste bags. This service is an ideal option for residents who purchase at least 68-yard waste bags a year, those who garden, bag grass clippings, have a lot of trees and shrub clippings and those who just don’t want the hassle of bags. The cost for the cart is $53 plus $105 for the annual sticker.

Other Utilities

MidAmerican Energy……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….1-888-427-5632


Century Link…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….1-800-475-7526

Tax Abatement – if qualified. Click here for more information

At the time of setting up your utility services at City Hall, you will also file the Tax Abatement Application. The property owner must apply for the exemption by February 1st of the assessment year for which the exemption first claimed but not later than February 1st of the next assessment year after the assessment year in which all improvements included in the project are first assessed for taxation. Please note because of when the deadlines fall, the fact that property taxes are paid in arrears, and based on when you move into your home, it is possible that you may pay one year of full taxes before your abatement applies. If you have questions in advance, please contact the Polk County Assessor’s office at 515-286-3014 or Bondurant City Hall at 515-967-2418 and ask someone to help walk you through the timeline.


The City of Bondurant encourages customers to take advantage of the free e-billing option to streamline your bill-paying routine. 

Here are the benefits:

1.     With e-bills, you have the ability to view and pay your bills – even if you’re traveling on the other side of the world.

2.     E-bills contain all of the information you are used to seeing in a physical bill.

3.     Receive your bill quicker than if you are mailed a bill.

4.     Many people become stressed in the process of filing archived bills, and we all wonder just how far back we should keep our records. Because many e-bills are delivered in PDF format, you have the ability to save and file all of your bills to a hard drive or upload it to the cloud. This allows you to compare costs and payments over time or track your annual expenses.

5.     Worried about security online? All e-bill services require a safeguard. E-bills are equally as dependable as receiving your physical bill in the mail.

6.     Last but not least, e-billing reduces both waste and costs associated with sending paper through the mail every month. By reducing paper use, you can feel better about how you protect the environment while also stop worrying about how you’re going to dispose of paper waste.

7.     Don’t forget that even if you choose to switch to e-billing, you have the ability to print anything that might seem important if you need a physical copy – so why not give it a shot?

8.     E-bills help keep operating costs to a minimum.

Help the city save money due to the overhead cost related to printing, handling, processing, and posting paper bills each month. Any user choosing to receive an e-bill instead of a paper bill will be helping with the overhead cost of handling your monthly bill.

An e-bill is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view via your email and pay online or in person. Choosing to receive your utility bill via e-mail does not determine how you pay your bill, simply how you receive it.

Here are two easy steps to get started:

1.     Fill out the application to have your City of Bondurant billing emailed -- document available online at http://www.cityofbondurant.com/how-to/apply-for/go-green-with-your-utility-bill.aspx

2.     Fill out the application to have your City of Bondurant billing set-up on auto payment. Email to: info@cityofbondurant.com or return to City Hall at 200 2nd Street NE, POB 37, Bondurant, IA 50035.

How to pay your Utility Bill

Direct Pay: With Direct Pay, the amount of your monthly statement will be automatically deducted from your savings or checking account on the 15th of the month (if it’s a holiday or weekend; deduction will be done the following business day). You will still receive a statement indicating the amount withdrawn from your account. Fill in the consent form and email to info@cityofbondurant.com along with a copy of a voided check – document available online at http://www.cityofbondurant.com/webres/File/Utility/Automatic%20Payment%20Application.pdf

Mail-In: Payments can be made through the mail by sending it to the Bondurant City Center at 200 2nd St NE; PO Box 37, Bondurant.

DropBox: Available anytime; day or night. You can drop your payment into our deposit box located on the south side of the building at 200 Second Street, NE. Payments made in the night depository will be posted after 8:00 a.m., the following business day.

At the office: Pay at the Bondurant City Center, payments can also be made between the hours of 8:00 a.m., and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Delinquent Water Billsvisit the following website for the Water Disconnect Policy http://www.cityofbondurant.com/webres/File/WEbsite/Water%20Disconnect%20Policy.pdf

·         Water bills are mailed out on the last business day of the month and due the 15th every month.

·         A ten percent (10%) penalty is applied on the 16th of the month.

·         Service disconnected if the bill is not paid in full by 8:30 AM on disconnect date. Bondurant Municipal Code Section 17.157.

·         A non-payment fee of $50.00 will be required and the total bill paid in full prior to turning service back on (only during business hours) regardless of disconnection of service.

·         A $30.00 fee is charged for all checks not honored by the bank.

Billing Information for New Residents

First bill. Because we bill at least 30 (thirty) days in arrears, your first bill will typically be the minimum amount billed for water and sewer, which is the availability fee plus garbage, recycling, and stormwater. If you move in on the very last day of the “billing window” you will be billed the minimum fee.

Second bill. Your second bill will have the total consumption from the day you requested service on your application, to the next meter reading date, usually more than a 4-week time frame.

Third bill and bills thereafter. Generally a four-week billing window. Our billing window is thirty days in arrears, which ends on the 15th of the previous month. For example March 1, the bill will be for gallons metered between January 1 and January 31, or approximately 30 days from the previous month’s meter reading, depending on the time of the month it was read. When the final reads are requested the billing window may be taken up to the 15th of the month, which could result in a six-week bill. Again, if you move in on the very last day of the “billing window” you will be billed the minimum fees.

Sometimes the “from” and “to” dates in the upper left on your billing card are confusing. If your “request for service date” on your application is the same day we are reading meters in your area, they will be the same date.


The City of Bondurant bills for water, sewer, stormwater, garbage and recycling on each monthly bill for residential customers.  Bondurant is a member of the Central Iowa Regional Drinking Water Commission.  More information about the organization can be found at www.CIRDWC.com

Take Services out of your name:

Contact City Hall at 515-967-2418 and provide the date you would like the final meter read and your forwarding address. Final meter reads will occur during our business hours (M-F 8:00A-5:00P). If applicable: Please notify the person moving in after you that they will need to sign up for water services in their name to avoid a $50 reconnect fee.

Irrigation Meters:

There are irrigation meters available for outside watering usage. This would be an advantage to the homeowner who uses large quantities of water from their outside faucet(s).

The cost of the meter is $185.00 (for a standard 5/8”) and is installed by a City employee after the plumbing has been completed by the property owner’s plumber.

Water used is charged at the same rate as your house meter.  However, you are not charged sewer, therefore, reducing your bill by almost half.


Water and Sewer Rates:

Service Codes:

WA – Water/Irrigation

DP - Deposit

AR - Arrears

PN - Penalty

SW – Sewer

GA – Garbage

RC – Recycling (state required)

MC – Miscellaneous

ST - Storm Water Utility

TX – State of Iowa Tax

WT – Water Excise Tax


Residents planning to leave for an extended period of time must contact the Utility Clerk of the dates that they are out of town. Residents should turn off their water from inside of the house and will receive a normal monthly billing.

High Consumption

If there is a significant increase in your water consumption, listed below are some of the reasons that high consumption will occur (some of which are seasonal).  If none of the following applies to your situation, or you aren’t certain of the cause, it is advised that you call a plumber.

  • Watering new sod
  • Watering established lawn, garden or flowers
  • Exterior faucet not completely turned off (water leaking from the hose)
  • Filled a swimming pool
  • Children playing in a sprinkler or water toys (Slip & Slide)
  • Faulty toilet (flapper valve not seating properly or fill water is higher than the overflow tube in the toilet tank)
  • Dripping interior faucet
  • Water softener cycles and stays on during the backwash cycle
  • Extra people in your home
  • A water leak within the interior plumbing

Please know that a malfunctioning meter does not increase your consumption.  The meter slows down and eventually stops.  You will hear a “ticking” sound.

The City bills thirty or more days in arrears, so the consumption period of concern is for any usage metered in the past.



Dripping faucets and whistling or hissing toilets wastewater, even when no one is using them! Toilets often have “silent” leaks too. Here’s a handy way to tell:

Carefully take off the top of the toilet tank.
Put 5 drops of food coloring into the tank.
Wait 20 minutes. If any dye appears in the toilet bowl, water is leaking from the tank. If water is above the white PVC pipe, water is being wasted, turn down the water to your toilet.

The Average American Family of 4 uses 255 gallons of water a day inside the home!

But only a tiny amount (less than 13 gallons) is used for cooking and drinking. Here are some other ways that families use water. The amount used depends on how long the water is turned on, and whether the family uses water-saving appliances, showerheads, toilet tanks, and faucets.

SHOWER: 5-10 gallons a minute
BATHROOM SINK: 5-10 gallons a minute
TOILET:    3-7 gallons a flush
DISHWASHER:    5-25 gallons a load
KITCHEN SINK: 4-5 gallons a minute
WASHING MACHINE:    35 gallons a load

Please call 515-630-6988 or e-mail bfairchild@cityofbondurant.com with any questions on the above information and Bradley will be happy to help you. Thank you.