Summer Reminders

June 20th was the official beginning of Summer 2020
Reminder Image
  • Please keep up on mowing, if anything exceeds eight (8) inches in height is a nuisance. Reference City Code Chapter 50.02 NUISANCES ENUMERATED
  • Protect our storm drains and keep grass clippings out of the street
  • Pick up after your dog – there is no poop fairy
  • No parking in the grass or in yards – reference chapter 69.12 PARKING OF VEHICLES ON PRIVATE PROPERTY
  • Keep campers, trailers, etc off city streets – reference chapter 69.14 TRUCK, TRAILER AND BOAT PARKING LIMITED
  • All junk and yard debris must be orderly or out of sight – reference chapter 51 JUNK AND JUNK VEHICLES
  • It’s a good time to evaluate sidewalks; curb stop valves and concrete repairs are property owners responsibility – keep  our community safe– reference chapter 136 SIDEWALK REGULATIONS
  • Park vandalism is a HUGE public offense. Adults in our community: please keep an eye on the kids in town, speak-up when you see something that is not appropriate. Keep our community looking nice