New Utility Billing Software

Utility Bill Image

Public Service Announcement published 1/31/2020 by the City of Bondurant. 

The City of Bondurant has gone live with new Utility Billing Software.
What does that mean for the citizens of Bondurant?  
The Utility Billing format has changed– there are new account numbers for all customers, plus the look of on-line payment options has changed on the City’s website. The website portal is live, but new, so if you have an issue please let us know 515-967-2418.
The new platform will allow customers to log into their personal account and view billing breakdowns and keep historical billing information. 




Do I need to setup autopayment if I was on it prior?

  • No - anyone on autopayment will remain on autopayment. There is no need to signup again. 
  • PAID BY DRAFT on the bill indicates you are on autopayment.

What does penalty mean on my bill?

  • That is the 10% penalty amount if the bill isn't paid by the 15th of the month.

When is the disconnect date?

  • For unpaid bills the water disconnect date is always the 23rd of the month, unless it is a holiday or weekend which will require it to fall on the next buisiness day. 

While setting up my account, why does my last payment amount not match the amount on my bank statement?

  • When paying with a card there is a transaction fee charged by the payment processor. This means that the statement in your bank account is a likely a couple dollars higher than what you actually paid for utilities. Please reference your last bill to see what the amount due was (only if you paid exactly that) or call us at 515-967-2418 and we can find the exact amount for you.


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