Curfew for Minors

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There have been reports of minors on public streets, alleys, public places, or near places of business after curfew.


A curfew is how late a person under 16 years old can legally stay outside in a public place. Curfews are often different. Each Iowa city sets its own curfew; curfews will be different from city to city.

With the state of the world today it is imperative that children are safe in their homes; there is a global pandemic and there has been powerful protests throughout the globe. Be safe.



A minor, meaning anyone below the age of sixteen (16) years of age, cannot be in any public area between the hours of eleven (11) o’clock p.m. and five (5) o’clock a.m. in the City of Bondurant. Any peace officer of the City, while on duty, is empowered to arrest any minor who violates this provision.

Exceptions to the ordinance include:

  • They are accompanied by a guardian, parent or other person charged with the care and custody of such minor, or other responsible person over twenty-one (21) years of age
  • While any minor who is traveling between his home or place of residence and the place where any approved place of employment, church, municipal or school function is being held