Building Department

Building Permits

To apply for a building permit, please fill out the appropriate permit form, bring into Bondurant City Hall, email to or mail to City of Bondurant, PO Box 37, Bondurant, IA 50035 with your sight plan.

Building Permit - this permit will be used for new construction, additions, decks, pools and sheds

Fence  Permit - please provide a site plan that indicates the fence in relationship with the property lines, easments, other structures within your yard.

New Construction required inspections - new building contractors must provide a concrete wash out space,  dumpster, portable toilet, and temporary address sign for each new structure

Single Family

Include: House Plans (1 set), Site Plan, SWPPPS Site Plan, SWPPPS Cover Sheet, Transfer Document, Energy Code Submittal including manuals, and Utilities Application (water, sewer, stormwater)

Storm Water Authorization - this must be completed with all new construction building permits


Please do not fill out the permit form below if your job is a new construction. The below services are bundled into the building permit as of July 1, 2014. Please contact Veenstra and Kimm at 515-225-8000 for ALL inspections.

Trade Permit - Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical

Pool  $40

Include: Site Plan and Self closing/ locking gates.


Include: Renderings of Sign, Layout of Sign on Building, Building frontage sqft (Height x Width of Building frontage ) - Sign sqft

Decks, Sheds, and Fences
Deck (based on valuation) - need site plan, distance to property lines 
Shed ($64.75)- need size and height, site map, distance to property lines, distance to house
Fence ($30)- need type and height of fence and site plan

Schedule of Fees

Fence Fact Sheets

Shed Fact Sheets

Deck Fact Sheet

Residential Deck Construction Guide

Driveway specs

Pool Fact Sheet

Permit Extension

General Permit Requirements

Permit Exemption Policy for Minor Maintenance and Repair