Website History

The Bondurant website has seen many changes over the years. The initial website was created by Mayor Al Ihde, and like many sites of the time period, was simple by today's standards, but served it's purpose. The website was updated when Mayor Marla McCoid was elected, at which time Council Member Keith Ryan modified the website with an updated look, but many of the functions remained the same. After Mayor Ryan was elected, he worked with the City Council to hire a contractor to build a new website. In 2019, city administration was restructured which included the onboarding of a Communications & Events Specialist that was tasked with the implementation of a new website to allow more functionality. The current site is a vast improvement over the old sites and will continue to evolve as content is added. Below are images of the site as it appeared in December 2000, December 2006, December 2010, January 2020. (Click images to view a larger version)

December 2000

Dec 2000 thumbnail 

December 2006

December 2006 thumbnail

December 2010

December 2010 thumbnail

January 2020

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